Its purpose

1. Is to facilitate the study and enjoyment of Art History

Its Methods

2. In order to achieve its purpose of increasing knowledge and understanding of the history of art; the evolution of artistic techniques and styles up to the present day its committee is to organize seminars, guided tours, visits to exhibitions and places of artistic interests and such other activities deemed appropriate that is consistent with the Group’s purpose throughout the year excluding July and August. The number of such functions is to be kept constantly under review by the Committee.

3. The cost of individual functions varies and is notified on the programme of events. When any additional events are arranged, these will be advertised to members by email or letter and the charge stated.  Regrettably refunds cannot normally be made as seminar venues, coach hire and group tickets have to be paid in advance.  A refund will be paid to a member who withdraws from a visit if a member on the waiting list takes the place.

4. Only members may attend seminars. Members however may apply to bring one paying guests to other events subject to prior consultation with the appropriate member of the Committee in order to ensure that no member is excluded.


5. Membership is open to all who have an interest in Art History. The total number of members is restricted by the number of members that can have a reasonable opportunity of obtaining a place to attend seminars. The total number is constantly under review by the Committee as is the frequency and variety of seminars. New members are selected from the waiting list.

6. Membership is renewable after one year.  Its cost is to be proposed by the Committee and agreed at the AGM.


7. WAHG is run by a Committee of unpaid volunteers who have the collective responsibility for running the Group’s activities and finances. The Committee shall have full discretion with regard to the acceptance of applications by prospective new members and is to take cognisance that the total membership should allow members to have a reasonable opportunity to obtain a place at events. A waiting list is to be maintained.

8. The Chairman is to be elected by the Committee members. In the event of a tie in a vote taken by the Committee on any matter the Chairman has the casting vote.

9. If a member has a conflict of interest he/she must declare it and leave the meeting whilst it is being discussed or decided.

10. Expenses incurred by these committee members in the management of the Group such as postage, printing, costs, paper, inks, travel, etc. are to be reimbursed by WAHG fund.

The Committee

11. The committee shall have a minimum of five and a maximum of seven members. The actual number required to serve at any one time to be approved at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The duties of the Committee members include: arranging the programme of events and visits, booking of venues and speakersthe booking of venues and speakers, overseeing members’ bookings for events together with the recording and oversight of income and expenditure, the maintenance of membership lists, and ensuring effective communication with members.

The allocation of duties to the Committee members to be agreed by the Committee members to reflect their individual skills and interests.  Other volunteers may be co-opted for specific tasks as they arise.

The meetings of the Committee are to be recorded and the annual accounts are to be independently reviewed before presentation to the members at the AGM

The Committee members shall serve for a three year term and be eligible for re-election at the AGM on completion of this term. However, after six consecutive years in office, they shall not seek re-election until one year has elapsed.


12. Money and property owned by the Group must only be used for the Group’s purpose.

13. The Committee must keep accounts of the Group’s income and expenditure; make these available to be seen by any member on request and the annual income and expenditure for the previous calendar year is to be presented at the AGM.

14. Moneys must be held in the Group’s Bank account.

15. All cheques must be signed by two signatories.

Annual General Meeting

16. The date and place of the AGM is to be announced to members a minimum of six weeks prior to the meeting; items for the agenda requested and whether any member wishes his/her name to be considered as a volunteer to hold the position of an office holder on the committee. Should there be more than one contender the position will be held by the person that receives the most votes at the AGM.

17. At the AGM the Coordinator is to give a brief report on the year’s activities to members and the Treasurer is to present an account of income and expenditure during the past year and the current balance of the fund.

18. Any proposal to amend the WAHG constitution is to be submitted in writing to the Chairman at least six weeks before the AGM. Amendments to the Constitution are to be approved by a simple majority vote at an AGM


19. In the event of the Group ceasing to operate, any money or property owned by the group, after all settlements of debts have been made are to be donated to the National Art Trust Fund.

MAY 2015