Management Committee 2024-2025

Management Committee volunteers administer the society and its programmes of events and organise day visits and tours. If you have any comments or queries concerning WAHG please contact one of the following or email

Acting Chair

Katrina Tanner      Membership Secretary

Felicity Pennycook      Programme Planning Group Liaison uk

Jane Plummer      Publications Secretary

Richard Sutton     Treasurer

Evelyn Thurlby      Venues and Visits Organiser

Margaret Munro    Booking Secretary

Anne Oestmann     Committee Member

Carol Orchard      Minutes Secretary

For general enquiries please email

Programme Planning Group volunteers are responsible for the development of our outstanding programmes of seminars, from devising the season’s theme to engaging speakers and introducing them on the day.  Our volunteers are: Felicity Pennycook, John Harding, Sian Morphet and Catherine Campbell.

Are you interested in volunteering your skills and expertise to support the work of WAHG? We would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact the Acting Chair at