Next Programme for Sep – Dec 2023

Muses in The Limelight

The concept of the Muse has declined considerably over time – from the revered and powerful goddesses of Greek mythology on whom humans called for divine inspiration, via the alluring nude or scantily clad young woman of Renaissance art, to the subservient and seemingly powerless muses who have become, at best, a footnote to the great male painters. However, particularly in more recent times, muses (mostly female) were quite often notable artists themselves but their reputations have been overshadowed by the fact of their being muses to a famous artist (usually male). The aim of this programme is to look at a number of female artists, working in different media, styles and times and to bring them into the limelight, putting their work into a wider context of the time and place in which they lived.

The programme of 6 seminars commences on 6 September.  Printed programmes will be mailed to WAHG members in early July and online booking will open simultaneously.