Next Programme Sep – Dec 2024


The philosophical concept of the sublime is rather different from the present day use of the word, and over centuries it has captivated writers, philosophers, and artists alike. Edmund Burke’s definition of the sublime from 1757 focuses on such terms as darkness, obscurity, privation, vastness, magnificence, loudness and suddenness, and suggests that our reaction is defined by a kind of measurable terror. Feelings of terror, awe, infinity and minuteness course through an experience of the sublime in nature, and for centuries, artists have attempted to recreate that
experience in whatever art form they can use to best expose it. The point of view is territorial and vast, in contrast to the picturesque which is more intimate. The forces overwhelm humans. Because the experience of the sublime is relational – we feel ourselves in relation to something larger than ourselves – artists interested in the sublime use myriad methods and media – from colour and perspective to immersive installations and sound – to create an experience that engages the viewer’s senses and brings them into the work.

Full details will be available at the end of June 2024