Programme Jan – Jun 2010


THURSDAYS: 21 & 28 JANUARY 2010 Women Artists

Women have been involved in painting in most times and places, despite difficulties of training and gaining recognition and trading their work.  These two seminars look at the lives of several key female artists of the 18th century including Angelica Kaufman, Mary Moser, Maria Cosway amongst others.  

THURSDAYS: 11 & 18 MARCH 2010 Matisse towards Expressionism

The first seminar explores the influence of Southern France and, in particular, Collioure had upon Matisse’s art away from divisionism to fauvism.  The second seminar looks at how Matisse revealed dance through depicting dance.

THURSDAYS: 29 APRIL & 6 MAY 2010 The Dutch Golden age of painting

Many of these paintings that span the seventeenth century are familiar to most members yet their depictions mostly grafted with apparent accuracy have a greater depth than first appears to the casual eye. They were informed by the particular geographical, political, economic and above all religious moral contexts that appertained at that time in the area then known as the United Provinces. The illustrated seminars will discuss these contexts in order that members can better appreciate the meanings of Dutch Golden Age paintings in the hope that members when viewing collections of these paintings, such as the Harold Samuel collection at London’s Guildhall can enjoy the paintings not only for their skill in execution and their aesthetics but also for their meaning and allusions The Lectures start at 10.30 hrs at Winchester Discovery Centre Maximum available places 34; Cost £14 per member.


TUESDAY 27 APRIL 2010 The Search for the Real. The Figure From Sickert to Auerbach
Pallant House Gallery, 9 North Pallant Chichester, PO19 1TJ (01243 774557) Please assemble at the entrance of the Gallery at 1115 Maximum available places 15; Cost £4 per member

THURSDAY 27 MAY 2010 The Dutch Golden Age of paintings Harold Samuel Collection

Please assemble outside the Mansion House by no later than 1105 Maximum available places 20; Cost £4 per member

TUESDAY 1 JUNE 2010 Sea Fever
A guided tour of Southampton Art Gallery Exhibition Sea Fever The exhibition will explore the sublime quality of the seascape as a visual image. There will be examples of Romanticism and Impressionism, through to contemporary art. This will include works by JMW Turner, Gustave Courbet, Alfred Wallis, Barbara Hepworth and Julian Opie amongst others.