Seminar Handouts: 2009

Seminar handouts are for study use by WAHG members and are not to be reproduced. Lecturers’ notes are protected by copyright.

All the seminars listed below were presented by Bernard Courtis.

Dürer: The Context and the Artist

Dürer: Drawings and Woodcuts

Dürer: Engravings and Etchings

Pablo Picasso: Brief Outline of his Formation and his Women

Pablo Picasso: His Women

Pablo Picasso: Cubism

Joseph Mallord William Turner: The Context and the Artist

The Turner Bequest and Liber Studiorum (1806-1819)

Turner: An Overview of his Watercolours

Indian Art: An Overview

Hindu Art

Mughal Art

Aide Memoire: Aspects of Hinduism and its Gods

Aide Memoire: Aspects of Buddhism

Aide Memoire: Spiritual Teacher and Founder of Buddhism Later Known as Siddhartha Gautama

Aide Memoire: Indian Miniatures Art Forms