POLICY – Advertising

Winchester Art History Group endeavours to provide its members with services relating to the study and enjoyment of art history. The great majority of these services are in the form of seminars and visits to art galleries and museums. The events which are planned and organised by the Group are advertised and promoted to our members only.
In addition to events organised by WAHG there are, of course, a great number of other activities available to the general public which includes our membership. A lot of this activity is of interest to WAHG members and we have chosen to make certain areas known to them. For example, we produce comprehensive lists of many current exhibitions in the region easily reached from Winchester. The potential to promote or advertise non-WAHG activity is very large covering publications, educational offerings, holidays with an art related theme, cinema presentations, etc. We wish to limit the extent to which we inform our members of such opportunities to those which we believe they will find interesting and non-invasive and this must be done in a manner that is compliant with GDPR.
At the WAHG Management Committee meeting of 14 January 2019 it was agreed that we would limit information about non-WAHG activity that we pass to our members to:
– Lists of exhibitions in the local area. This is currently available on our website.
– Information of educational offerings in the local area which they could attend.
– Information on art-specific presentations at local cinemas.
The policy is subject to review in the light of changed circumstances.

Rodger Hake
Chair, Winchester Art History Group