Seminar Handouts: 2019

Seminar handouts are for study use by WAHG members and are not to be reproduced. Lecturers’ notes are protected by copyright.

Albrecht Dürer: ‘The Apelles of Black Lines Illustrated seminar by Dr Gillian White

Pictures of the Floating World: Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints Illustrated seminar by Dr Meri Arichi

Chinese Print Culture Illustrated seminar by Dr Malcolm McNeill

Soviet Art: Revolution and Propaganda Illustrated seminar by Jane Angelini

Illustration, Illumination and Creative Conflict in the Work of William Blake Illustrated seminar by Naomi Billingsley

Ottoman Miniatures Illustrated seminars by Jane Angelini

Bawden and Ravilious Illustrated seminar by Peyton Skipworth

Britain and Art from Elsewhere Illustrated Seminar by Dr Kate Faulkner

Hans Holbein the Younger: Renaissance Style Art for England Illustrated Seminar for Hendrika Foster

Influences of Japanese Art on 18th and 19th Century British Art Illustrated Seminar by Dr Katie Faulkner

From Warsaw to Wales and Beyond: The Art and Life of Josef Herman Illustrated Seminar by Monica Bohm-Duchen

Postcolonial Influences on British Art Illustrated Seminars by Barry Venning

James Tissot, the Anglophile Frenchman Illustrated Seminar by Krystyna Matyjaszkkiewicz

Picasso and British Modernism Illustrated Seminar by Richard Stemp